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Ordered a certain flavour and they sent a different one that I’m actually allergic too, so no good to me.

Katherine, 28 Feb 2021

Ordered a milkshake...waffle and slice of banoffee cake. Had taken 1.5 hours to arrive. I called at the hour mark and was given no apology or anything. So i wanted and it arrived. The milkshake...(strawberry) ...tasted horrible...arrived and it was half spilt. If you cant get a steawberry milkshake right what are you doing?? The waffle....burnt underneath and went so hard you couldnt even cut it with a knife-been in microwave too long. The cake...came in a plastic container..had a chemical taste to it. They were lucky it was last otherwise i would have put it in a bag and personally returned it all to them. Disgraceful. Disgraceful. Disgraceful. Do not spend your money with these people-grab some food out of a bin. It will be more appetising. Never again.

A Singh, 28 Feb 2021

Looking forward to my meal

Clare, 20 Feb 2021


Emma, 12 Feb 2021

Last night meal only 1 of 2 meals were okay my jacket potatoe with double chilli and cheese was stone cold called and got a new fair enough it was hot but where was my filling no more then a table spoof of chilli was in my jacket very disappointed as I normally have no problems what so ever and Oder regularly

Clara, 12 Feb 2021

Just spent near on £20,1 hour wait Time chips were white didn’t even look cooked, kebab I asked for salad, it had a bit of lettuce and half a circle of cucumber. All cold had to microwave. Just eat asked for a review 15mibs before the food even arrived. Not happy at all

Glen Wallace, 06 Feb 2021

i ordered two milkshakes and a tub of ice cream. the ice cream was missing and it cost £5.50! not happy

Rosie, 06 Feb 2021

Regular customer. Always very good service.

Sharon, 05 Feb 2021

Love this place!

Gemma, 31 Jan 2021

Good evening. We usually order a bucket of chicken every fortnight and we love it, today however, we ordered a boneless meal to be delivered at 6pm as usual but it arrived without any fries!! Too late for today. Is it no chicken next time?

Andrew Marrison, 26 Jan 2021

Drink missing from order

Pete Searle, 23 Jan 2021


Emma, 23 Jan 2021

Very fast and good food

Abby, 23 Jan 2021

Terrible service, food arriving late missing items from orders and even had hair in my fries last time, they clearly have no idea what they are doing.

Craig, 23 Jan 2021

Advise do not use this place how there still in business is amazing customer service zero Food cold Missing items from order Waste of time and money

Dave, 20 Jan 2021

Could have been warmer!

Lucy, 18 Jan 2021


Lucy, 18 Jan 2021


James, 14 Jan 2021

I would actually like to complain, I don’t know where to start first the food arrived 15 minutes late, it was stone cold. It had the the wrong sauce in it. I rang fat jacks and explained politely to the women that the food was cold, she spoke to the manager and said the manager disagrees with me and it’s not cold. I said your not the one eating it, the women said well I don’t know what you want me to do about it. I said let me speak to the manager after being accused of leaving it to get cold not eating it straight away and being a liar he sent me new order. After waiting another 45 minutes this order was also cold. I ordered the first order at 4:20 by now it’s 6:05, fed up and hungry we ate it. Customer service was disgraceful and will not be ordering from here again.

Amy Slack, 09 Jan 2021

Always good and good quality

David, 09 Jan 2021

Not here yet where is it

Clare, 02 Jan 2021

The butterfly chicken mild

Danny, 01 Jan 2021

I ordered 2xfillet burgers and 2xdouble fillet burgers and you sent me 4xfillet burgers. You charged for the double so could you send a refund on the part of that please - order number 1110563557

Ashley , 01 Jan 2021

Last night I ordered a decent amount of food from Fatjacks as you can seen on my account. This is the third time they’ve turned up late which we understand at this current time, however what is unacceptable is the constant missing food out of our order. My little brother ordered a chicken wrap and had to sit with some fries no meal, two bottles of tango no where to be seen either. The issue is the restaurant didn’t answer even before it closed as I know something like this would happen. I want to see a full refund into my account or I will be taking this further as this is not the first time! Honestly how can you constantly forget half the order. If you need more specifics please reach out as soon as possible. This restaurant needs to change procedures in ensuring all food paid for is delivered.

Laurence , 01 Jan 2021

Really disappointed as have had numerous takeaways from you and has been perfect. To wrap up a shocker of a year I thought I'd treat myself to the same. Food came just about luke warm, hoping its down to being busy but really disappointed for poor quality dinner. Hope you have a steady new year.

Martin, 31 Dec 2020

Sad to say the quality of the food since July or so had declined. Popcorn chicken used to be amazing, now it's the same as poor quality KFC. Burgers lack flavour, they don't include the BBQ sauce with the chicken salad anymore, delivery poor these days.

Vicki, 31 Dec 2020